TTC Buffers’s return and exchange policy sets out the reasons for acceptance, the request for return and return processing time for customers.

  1. Reason for accepting return and exchange
  • Products lost seals, delivered wrongly in terms of quantity, information and models compared to orders.
  • Product defect due to manufacturer errors (design, content, hidden / internal errors, deviations from manufacturers’ published quality standards) or defects in transit (deformed, scratched, dirty, cracked etc.).
  • The product is not right manufacturer information, wrong price.
  • Products are not in the right product code, category …
  • Product has expired before or on the day it is delivered to the customer.
  • Voucher, discount code when customers use the service quality is not as committed: not applying the right conditions, disrespectful service attitude, unable to set the date of using the service as the customer wants at least 3 times (with specific evidence).
  • Customers need to use.
  1. Return conditions
  2. Request for return / exchange product
  • Products (including the gifts included) are intact, fully labeled, original, and sealed, with the original specifications (unless the product is defective or damaged during transportation).
  • The product is not dirty, no strange smell, no signs of used.
  • Customers must send to Vietnam thinkthinkcar the request for exchange (“Request for Return”) including: Request for return and exchange according to the form of exchange request form of thinkthinkcar Vietnam, documents proving that the customer has purchased the product at thinkthinkcar Vietnam (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement …); and (iii) the product needs to be returned and exchanged, if any.
  1. Time to exchange

Unless otherwise stated in the product description on the thinkthinkcar Vietnam website. Customer’s Return and Return request must be sent to thinkthinkcar Vietnam within 03 days of receipt of the product.

The time of a Return Request will be determined as follows:

  • If customers send a Return Request by post or delivery: follow the receipt of the post office or courier.
  • If the customer brings the Return / Change Request to thinkthinkcar’s Vietnam Exchange Center: it is when the Vietnamese thinkthinkcar staff receives the Return Request from the customer.
  1. Exchange costs
  • For defective products of thinkthinkcar Vietnam, customers will be free of exchange and free delivery to the location indicated on the return request form.
  • For products returned due to changing demand, customers will be free of exchange and will have to pay shipping charges according to thinkthinkcar Vietnam’s shipping policy if they want to be sent back to the address. request.

III. Refund policy

  1. Principle of refund
  • Refund method is based on the payment method of the Customer when making a purchase.
  • Refund when customers use Giftcode: in special cases accepted by thinkthinkcar Vietnam when customers use Giftcode, thinkthinkcar Vietnam will not refund the value of Giftcode that customers have used but only refund The amount of money customers actually spend on purchases.
  1. Method of refund

Methods of refunding include:

  • Refund via bank transfer.
  • Refund via bank that accepts cards.
  • Cash back at thinkthinkcar’s Vietnam exchange and exchange center.
  1. Processing time
  • Thinkthinkcar Vietnam  will send the feedback of Return Request to Customer via email or / and SMS within 02 working days from the date thinkthinkcar Vietnam receives the Return Request.
  • If the customer’s refund request meets the conditions of return and exchange, thinkthinkcar Vietnam will refund you:
    • With non-bank payment method: customers will receive a refund in 5-7 working days.
    • With direct payment, you will receive a refund at the thinkthinkcar exchange center in Vietnam.
  1. Mode of return and exchange
  2. Bring goods directly to be exchanged and returned to thinkthinkcar Vietnam Exchange

Please bring the exchanged goods directly to the thinkthinkcar Vietnam Exchange Center at the following address: 456 / 36A Cao Thắng, ward 12, Quận 10, TPHCM

  1. Bring the items to be exchanged and returned to the nearest post office

Please bring the exchanged goods directly to the nearest post office and send them to the thinkthinkcar exchange center of Vietnam, stating your address.

  1. Contact information of Customer Service Center

All problems occurred during the exchange and refund process, please contact the customer support center directly at hotline: 0917155007.