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This website is online store for selling TTC  Urethane cushion buffer (World’s best cushion buffers in the world ) to global customers and to provide best after sale service.

 20 years of accumulated know-how

TTC Co., Ltd. has focused on manufacturing cushion buffers over 20 years. With 20 years of accumulated know-how and advanced technology, TTC has introduced the urethane cushion buffer. TTC’s urethane cushion buffer will provide safe and comfortable driving as well as protect your shock absorber.


The history of the creation of TTC Cushion buffer (shock absorbing pillows manufactured by TTC Co.  goes back to the beginning of the 90s.

TTC.Co founder Mrs.Moon Soo Jung worked in a small car accessories store on the outskirts of Busan in Korea. There the idea of creating auto buffers was born, and in a completely random way.

Mrs.Jung Soo had a sore back, or rather pinched nerves, Osteochondrosis, in other words. And when he drove a car and fell into the pits, the car shook and shook, which caused pain and inconvenience. And then he thought, but how to make a trip by car pleasant and comfortable? And here came the idea of auto-buffers.

Of course, the first steps and tests did not bring the desired results, but over time, an understanding came of how the auto buffer should look, what shape it should be, and most importantly, what material it should be made of.

First version of cushion buffer from TTC Co. was called TTC power cushion buffer and was made of synthetic rubber.

 Of course, the first steps and tests did not bring the desired results for first version, but over time has come to understand how TTC power cushion buffer should look like, how it should be shaped.

Second version of TTC power cushion buffer was developed and called TTC power cushion buffer II by using new technology focused in shape of the buffer, the new design is making 8~9 oval holes on the surface of cushion buffer are able to dissipate the force exerted on the shock absorber spring and also maintains same cushion for all time. This new technology is the result of long research period and investment on technology development. You can feel much more durability and flexibility effect than previous TTC power cushion buffer.

The upper and lower perimeter of the circumference of the buffer has special grooves, due to which the buffer is held tight in the spring and the possibility of its “popping up” is excluded.

TTC cushion buffer has special technological holes, the shape and position of which has a technical justification. These holes also serve for high-quality shock absorption from road bumps. On the other hand, these holes do not allow the buffer to block the spring, and accordingly, with it, the spring can work out compression.

Thus, TTC cushion buffer  are a unique tool for giving comfort when driving, and without changing the geometry of the suspension can effectively improve the factory characteristics of the car.

Company with continuous research and technology development to find new material to replace using synthetic rubber to extend life span of buffer in vehicle (durability) because the average life span of synthetic rubber cushion is short.

The new material of Urethane Cushion Buffer is transparent Polyurethane. In Automobile appliances market, we are having an exclusive contract and using this urethane that ´NIKE´, the world best sportswear company, uses for their shoes and products. By bonding diamond cushion material with patent design, its performance is stronger and far better than the rubber Power Cushion Buffer. You can prepare for the shocks on shock absorber. (New material is our exclusive contract. So it can´t be used in any imitation Buffers.) Urethane is strong against property of matter and it restores to the former state from any shape. This is new material that shape memory is possible.

Another characteristic of TTC urethane cushion buffer includes the transparency that can be compared to diamond and its permanent possessing value. With its superior longevity and transparency that can even be compared to diamond, it allows you to enjoy a long, pleasant, and comfortable driving.

TTC Launches its Innovative Product: Leaf Spring Shock Absorber
After extensive research, engineering design, and field trials, TTC is excited to launch its latest innovative product in early 2024: the Leaf Spring Shock Absorber.

This product represents a breakthrough in suspension technology, offering innovative solutions to the challenges faced by traditional suspension systems.

TTC remains committed to developing innovative solutions that enhance the driving experience and improve vehicle safety.

In brief

The world’s first cushion buffer made from pure urethane

│ Description │

TTC Cushion Buffer is the product which is classified as automobile spare parts and accessory. Our product is installed on coil spring in automobile’s suspension and supports suspension to enhance driving comfort and safety. It is made with our 20 years experience and technology.

│ Characteristics │

  1. With our company’s knowhow of optimum mixing ratio for pure polyurethane, Urethane cushion Buffer has great heat resistance, cold resistance, and oil resistance. Therefore, it can be applied for all regions and climate conditions. It has excellent durability.
  2. High tension and attraction of product absorbs any kinds of shock effectively
  3. Various sizes of Urethane Cushion Buffer (K, ,S1, S, A, B, B1, C, D, E, F E) can fit most of the cars from entire world.
  4. It protects car shock absorber from unpredictable shock and provides sense of stability while cornering. Its main role is to enhance comfort while driving and to make driving safer. Urethane Buffer protects shock absorber and extends its durability. It reduces the exchanging cost of expensive shock absorber. It originates best performance and value compare to its price.

│ Merits │

  1. Comfortable driving when passing over-speed bumpy road and rough road.
  2. Prevents leaning with coil spring tension control when making a sharp curve.
  3. With Cushion improvement, it reduces fatigue when driving long distance.
  4. Protect shock absorber from the shocks (durability extends more than 2 times)
  5. With car height restoration, it provides stabilized driving.0