Find your Size

It is sample to know the size required of TTC Urethance cushion buffer for your car.

There are two methods you can use to know or measure the size of coil spring of your car

Method Number # 1

Check your size by searching brand, model and  of you car in our constantly updated database.

(We always recommend you to measure your car coil springs by yourself to accurate measuring )



Front - size

Rear - size

*note : If ‘/ ‘displayed, it means that the Urethane Buffer cannot be installed because it is not spring suspension. However, it is better to check the suspension yourself.


Please contact us online if there is no car model on our size application or you can measure it by yourselves.



The size guide we provide may vary depending on the situation such as different car assembly country and the spring has been replaced. To prevent any size issue, please check your size manually to matched in before order your TTC Buffer.



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