TTC Urehtane buffer for coil spring

TTC Urethane buffer fo leaf spring


Advantages of TTC Urethane cushion buffer  

Explains the functions and performance of TTC urethane cushion buffer and the kinds of effect TTC urethane cushion buffer provided after installation.


Improving your riding experience 

It enables smooth steering and controlling of your automobile and provides stable driving, which improves your riding experience as a result.

Reducing a leaning phenomenon on a sharp curve 

It enables more stable cornering by diminishing a force that makes your automobile lean to a side when entering a sharp curve.

Height restoration of your automobile 

It restores the height of your automobile and improves shock absorbing functionality by restoring the old coil spring that has a relatively diminished tension.

Reducing vibration of your automobile 

It reduces vibration from the road and rolling from a high speed driving, which also reduces your fatigue from a long distance driving as well.

Shortening braking distance 

Upon a sudden stop, the cushion buffer deters your automobile from leaning forwards as it deters the automobile’s center of gravity from shifting to the front, which shortens the braking distance.

Protecting shock absorbers

It protects shock absorbers from unexpected shock or while driving on a bumpy road.

TTC Urethane Cushion Buffer is a unique product that is installed in a car spring and provides comfort and safety when driving on our roads.

TTC Urethane Cushion Buffer acquired international certification KS A9001:ISO9001 in 2007 and in accordance with the national safety standards of European Union. 

TTC Urethane buffer for coil spring ​

Packaging: 1 Box (2 pcs of TTC Urethane Buffer)
Material: Made of  Urethane
Product Type: K,S,S1,A,A1,B,Beta,C,D,E,F

innovative TTC Urethane buffer for leaf spring 2024​

Packaging: 1 Box 
Product components
28mm TTC Urethane buffer x 2pcs
15mm TTC Urethane buffer x 2pcs
Long bolt: 4pcs/Short bolt: 4pcs/ Washer 8pcs/ Nut 8pcs
Material: Made of  Urethane

Product Warranty Period

The product warranty period is 2 years from the purchased date but it can be used up to 7 years.

20 years of accumulated know-how

TTC Co. Ltd has focused on manufacturing cushion buffers over 20 years. With 20 years of accumulated know-how and advanced technology,  TTC Urethane cushion buffer will provide safe and comfortable driving as well as protect your shock absorber.

New Technology

A new technology that only TTC has 8 or 9 egg-shaped holes on the surface of the urethane cushion are able to dissipate the force exerted on the shock absorber spring. With this new technology TTC Urethane cushion buffers can offer you more powerful effects.

New Material

The new material of Urethane Cushion buffer is transparent urethane. In automobile appliances market, we are having an exclusive contact and using this Urethane that ‘Nike’, the world best sportwear company, uses for their shoes. By bonding diamond cushion material with patent design; its performance is stronger and far better than the Rubber power cushion buffer. (New material is our exclusive contract. So it can’t be  used in any imitations buffers) Urethane is strong against property of matter and it restores to the former state from any shape.

This is new material that shape memory is possible.

TTC Urethane Cushion Buffer registration & certification


Differences of TTC urethane cushion buffer from other imitation buffers

2 years warranty but can be effectively used up to 7 years

Possess 100% absolute shape memory and retain during the entire service life of 5 – 7 years

Easily compressed with little effort to ensure the safety of the spring and shock absorber

Resistant to aggressive environments, doesn’t crack, not crumble . Cold and heat-resistant material

Patented hole shape evenly distributes the load over the coil spring

Comparison table

TTC Urethane cushion buffer suitable for different Sizes of car 

TTC Urethane cushion buffer suitable for various car models