Identify genuine product of TTC Urethane Buffer    (Worldwide No.1 product)

TTC Co. successfully marketed and sold tenths of thousand of TTC urethane cushion buffers globally. After tested effectively and proven its high quality, TTC Co. Signed a contract with a famous Korean brand SSANGYONG motor, approving TTC urethane cushion buffer as a genuine part that will be sold in their stores and to be recommended to their clients.

After successful spreading globally, many Southern Asian and Chinese manufactures started producing low-priced with low quality cushion buffers. Though they have external similarities with TTC Urethane cushion buffer  but have different physical properties because TTC Urethane Cushion Buffer is the only product made of high quality polyurethane while other imitations (Fake) are made of silicon and synthetic rubber. Silicone and synthetic rubber are material with low recovery and durability when used for a long time; it will deform, especially in harsh environment like hot and cold weather which lead to the buffer being unable to recover and deform. Also will led to shorten the service life of coil spring during operation and it could significantly damage the components if the vehicles lower body.

Currently some Chinese companies marketing and selling their cushion buffer by claiming that it made of urethane but after few months of using it get deformed and damaged.

The Truth about fake (imitation) rubber cushion buffer cheap!!!

Below is a clip about the truth of TTC urethane cushion buffer and fake (imitations) cushion buffers 

pictures of removing fake rubber cushion buffers after 6 months of using the car. Images were shot at the garage and customers were repairing the vehicle’s suspension system. According to customers’ share, the initial installation is also effective but over time the car is more and more rough and very uncomfortable when driving. This situation lasts for a long time and is now a failure of the vehicle springs.Because synthetic rubber is a material with low recovery and durability when used for a long time, it will deform, especially in harsh environments that lead to buffer being unable to recover so it will hinder the springs during operation. Unsustainable counterfeit products are manually copied and do not have a clear inspection process. Following a short usage process, the buffer was broken or crumpled, preventing the operation of the spring. The most serious consequence is to go through the spring suspension as well as the safety of driving on the road.

Some pictures of Rubber cushion buffers after few weeks or months of installation.

Some pictures of TTC Urethane cushion buffer after 5 years of installation and still working with full functionality 


Identify the original TTC Urthane Cushion Buffer among other imitation products

TTC Urethane Buffer product of TTC Co. achieved KSA9001 quality of KOLAS Korea and attained ISO9001 accreditation standard. TTC genuine products are embossed with the words “TTC Think Think Car” and “MADE IN KOREA”.

 #  TTC recommends that consumers should carefully check the signs of genuine products to avoid buying fake goods and poor quality goods.

  Check product information, place of production clearly before buying.
  Check product packaging and warranty information from the manufacturer.
  Absolutely say no to products of unknown origin and materials.
  The product is made of  Polyurethane .

(* Urethane – the material has good elasticity and flexibility but has high softness. In addition, it has high bearing capacity so it does not deform when the force is applied. High resistance to cracking , so it can be used for a long, long time.)

Comparison between Original TTC Urethane cushion buffer and other imitation cushion buffers   

TTC Urethane Buffer is made from hi grade Polyurethane material with maximum flexibility and long life it can withstand weight of about 30 tons, it has capacity to squeeze 3.5 time of its original height and when released regains it original shape not like other imitation cheap Chinese brand which are made from Silicon or synthetic rubber which is hard and becomes more hard after usage and damages the shock absorber’s of the vehicle.


Original Buffer drowns in water

fake Buffer Floats in water

Original Buffer is Heavier than the fake Buffer by 30%

Original Buffer has very high flexibility with long life of about 5 to 7 years and fake Buffer is very hard and has short life less than a year

Original Buffer absorbs the shocks and protects the shock absorbers hence life of shock absorbers is doubled and fake Buffers block the springs of shock absorbers and all the pressure is bounced back on the whole system of car suspension system hence it reduces the life of by half of shock absorbers and give hard feeling while driving. 

Original Buffer is value for money and fake Buffer is waste of money

Original Buffer gives comfort and improves braking, cornering whereas fake Buffer just blocks the springs and turns your vehicle back conventional leaf springs type.