TTC Urethane buffer (leaf spring) for Hyundai Porter /H-100 (1 ton)

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The TTC Urethane Buffer for leaf springs is a type of suspension enhancement product designed to improve the performance and durability of leaf spring suspensions. Leaf springs are a simple form of spring commonly used for the suspension in vehicles, particularly in heavy vehicles such as trucks and vans. They consist of several layers of metal (usually steel) bound together to act as a single spring.

Here’s how the TTC Urethane Buffer works and its benefits:

  1. Material: The buffer is made of urethane, a type of polymer known for its excellent elasticity, durability, and resistance to wear, tear, and environmental factors. Urethane buffers are often used in automotive applications due to these properties.
  2. Function: When installed between the leaf springs of a vehicle, the TTC Urethane Buffer acts as a cushion that absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road. This not only improves ride quality but also helps to reduce noise and vibration inside the vehicle.
  3. Protection: By absorbing the impact that would otherwise be transmitted through the leaf springs, the urethane buffer helps to protect the springs from damage. This can extend the life of the leaf springs and reduce maintenance costs over time.
  4. Performance Improvement: The use of TTC Urethane Buffers can lead to an improvement in vehicle handling and stability. This is particularly noticeable when carrying heavy loads or driving on uneven surfaces, where the buffers help to prevent the leaf springs from compressing too much.
  5. Installation: These buffers are designed for easy installation, often requiring no special tools or significant modifications to the vehicle. This makes them an accessible upgrade for many vehicle owners looking to improve their suspension system.
  6. Applications: While particularly beneficial for commercial vehicles, trucks, and vans that frequently carry heavy loads, TTC Urethane Buffers can also be used in passenger cars to enhance ride comfort and suspension durability.


1. Significantly reduces front, rear, left, and right rolling, vibration, and noise of the vehicle.
2.Protects the suspension by absorbing impact when passing speed bumps, potholes, and unpaved roads
3. Prevents rear deflection after loading cargo and alleviates the inclination during sudden braking
4.Reduces driver’s fatigue by reducing vibration during idling or high speed driving
5.Protects the battery by restoration of car body when loading cargo for Electric car

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Porter/H100 Models

2004-2024, 1996-2003

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